Learning Resources

In coming weeks, sound clips and learning activities will be added to this page.

The idea is to provide materials to help any groups or individuals who wist to extend the ideas of the Sonic Wallpaper Project into personal projects.

The first resource is a set of interview comments, all concerning a certain textured wallpaper design:

Wallpaper © Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, Middlesex University – photographed by Felicity Ford

You can hear a sample of the clips below, and download uncompressed versions of all the interview material concerning this wallpaper here, to mix at home.

Anaglypta wallpaper being discussed

The joys of being able to paint over wallpaper!

Perhaps we should colour it in?

The temptation to pick at textured wallpaper...

I have created 3 PDF worksheets which explain my own process for creating Sonic Wallpaper, so you can try it at home! You will need a basic understanding of editing sound files in order to follow these worksheets. If it is easier, these worksheets can also be downloaded here, but I have embedded them here using Scribd so you can preview them before downloading.

Textured Wallpaper 1

Textured Wallpaper 2

Textured Wallpaper 3

The second resource is a worksheet based on Brandon LaBelle's book, Acoustic Territories, paying particular attention to the section in the book where LaBelle deals with the domestic soundscape. Text from the book © Brandon LaBelle has been used in this worksheet by kind permission of Continuum International Publishing Group, a Bloomsbury company, and Brandon LaBelle.

Brandon-LaBelle - Acoustic Territories worksheet, exploring the domestic soundscape