Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sonic Wallpaper on Pinterest

I wonder how many of you are familiar with Pinterest? It is a very clever website which allows you to "pin" things from around the Internet onto virtual pin boards. You can create your own themed "boards" and Pinterest will cleverly arrange your "pins" into whatever themes/ideas you like.

I find Pinterest especially useful when I want to create a collection of images - such as that of historic Huntley and Palmer's biscuit ephemera - or when I want to make a kind of moodboard for a project I am working on.

Pinterest lends itself to moodboards and I am always inspired by the interior design ideas which show up on there; it is a giant showcase of the rooms people dream of making, and the spaces people dream of creating. Unsurprisingly, Wallpaper is regularly added to folks' Pinterest boards.

In developing the Sonic Wallpaper project, I have set up an experimental board dedicated to Sonic Wallpapers. Anyone can join in; you just need to leave a comment so I can invite you to the board. Then you can pin a photo of your favourite wallpaper from anywhere around the Internet (or a photo of your own wallpaper if you prefer) onto it, and add a few brief words about what sounds the wallpaper makes you think of, or what you would like to hear in a room papered with the wallpaper you have pinned.

To show you how:

Step 1. Once you are logged in to Pinterest, find an image of wallpaper which you would love to put in your home. Right click and select "copy image URL".

Step 2: In Pinterest, select Add Pin.

Step 3: Put the URL you have copied for the image into the box and click "Find Images".

Step 4: Add some sonic descriptive words, be as brief or as lengthy as you like. Think about what you would like to hear in a room with this kind of wallpaper, what music or sounds it makes you think of... be creative!

Step 5: See your Sonic Wallpaper added to a growing collection. I will create sound-pieces based on what gets added to the board. Happy Pinning!

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