Monday, 2 July 2012

Estonian Sonic Wallpapers

Despite the lack of writing on here, plenty has been happening on the Sonic Wallpaper Project!
I was in Estonia for the month of May, where I saw this wallpaper.

This design was on the walls of Tuuli's parents' house, in Võru, and dates from the Soviet times. I love how the sheets are not matched up at all, and I also love the colours, and the rural idyll suggested by the imagery. It reminds me of some of the earlier papers in the MoDA collection.

Here are some of the sounds in the room where this wallpaper was hung:

...would you have looked at that wallpaper and imagined looms and pianos? Or something else?
Since I have been home, I have been playing catch-up with all my projects. This has included lots of domestic audio recording for Sonic Wallpaper, and writing commentaries about all the pieces for our forthcoming Sonic Wallpaper book.

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