Friday, 20 July 2012

Soundcloud Mobile site vs. Full site?

Continuing my exploration of QR codes, I have been experimenting with my own smartphone, and am slightly dissatisfied with the user-experience of accessing the full Soundcloud site. Here is the QR code - generated by this site - which links to the full website version of Soundcloud.

Here's what happens on a HTC Hero when you scan in that barcode...

Here I am scanning the QR code with my mobile...

Here is my phone finding the correct URL...

And then there is a very long wait while the file downloads (arduously) using mobile Internet rather than WiFi. (I am not using WiFi as I can't guarantee end users will always have access to WiFi when scanning the barcodes). I hunted around and discovered that Soundcloud also have a dedicated mobile site. I therefore created a short-URL (using and a QR code for the same piece of Sonic Wallpaper using the mobile site:

...and then I watched this loading image for quite a long time; over 10 minutes; and no sign of the file playing or displaying correctly.

I wonder why the link to the mobile site doesn't work so well when I try to access it with, ur, my mobile? Any tech assistance here would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hello,

    Matas from SoundCloud here. What phone/OS did you use in this test?

  2. Hi Matas, I am using a HTC Hero.

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